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Leverage Internet of Things to Build a Smart Office

NineSmart IoT Solution

Gain benefits from smart office IoT solutions

Optimal Space Utilization

Sharing is the trend – facilities & space should be reserved for users onsite  

Measurable ROI & Effectiveness

Real data tells how much manpower & energy saved for operational costs

Status & Data Visibility

Export reports of insightful usage data for new ideas & resources re-allocations

Centralized & Remote Management

Monitor systems & facilities anytime, anywhere on a single cloud platform

Streamlined Operations

Connect office devices & control by own mobile device that save users’ time

Enhanced Security

Digitization limits access right, enables tracing user identities for improved safety

Standard Office vs. Smart Office

Conventional way of operating a workspace greatly relies on manual processes and consumes manpower. NineSmart IoT solution helps create a smart office environment with all procedures digitized, connected, self-served and automated.

Access Control

Standard Office

Onsite check-in & verification by receptionist

Smart Office

Self-served access to office/ rooms by QR code or mobile app

Room Booking

Standard Office

Managed internally via Outlook/ Google calendar or intranet

Smart Office

Self-served booking via website or mobile app remotely

Lighting Control

Standard Office

Turn on/ off the lights by touching switches on walls

Smart Office

Auto-on/ off by sensors or based on room booking time

Assets Storage

Standard Office

Lockers to be opened by keys or padlocks

Smart Office

Reserve lockers & open by mobile app or QR code

Space Usage

Standard Office

1 desk for 1 staff – even they are not always onsite

Smart Office

Maximize desks usage – for staff to use in office only

Introducing NineSmart IoT Solution

Software development and integration with hardware are our expertise – we help connect the unconnected devices to smoothen staff and visitors’ experience, and facilitate collaborations by technine Internet of Things – IoT solution in a smart office.


Take advantage of IoT solution for smart office

Maximized Facilities’ Utilization
Real-time Devices Monitoring
Centralized & Remote Management
Insightful Usage Data
Energy & Cost Reduction

Put IoT solution into use for your future smart office

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