About NineSmart IoT

NineSmart IoT is an exponentially-growing IT solutions provider that offers customized IoT solutions focused in property technology (PropTech) in Hong Kong. 

With our expertise in software R&D, engineering and systems integrations, we help enterprises implement IoT solutions by connecting devices through network to transform workplaces and enhance residential facilities with digital strategies. 

We believe enabling connectivity, automation and self-services by digital transformation can help save time, manpower and operational cost in the long term.  

NineSmart Solutions

NineSmart IoT solutions enable enterprises to remotely manage facilities through web-based systems, simplify daily operation procedures for staff and user flow for end-users by leveraging mobile apps and QR codes. 

  • Customized IoT solutions – commercial or residential 
    • Cloud-based systems & mobile apps   
    • Data structure & design analytics 
    • Systems integration 
  • Smart Access -IoT Portable Access Control Solution
  • Smart Booking – Web-based Facilities Booking System
  • Smart Locker – Secure Assets Storage Solution
  • Smart Lighting – Automated Illumination Control Solution

NineSmart Team

NineSmart IoT team is backed by a group of experienced software engineers, developers, decoration engineers, project managers and IoT solutions experts who can provide digital strategy advice and put IoT solutions implementations into reality.

Technical Experts

Software Engineers


IoT Experts

Engineering Technicians

Project Managers

Project Planning 

Features, cost, project phasing, official launch and technical support are all clients’ concerns. technine assigns project managers to monitor development progress until launch with maintenance services, ensures finishing the project with good usability and requirements delivered.

Take advantage of IoT solution for smart office

Maximized Facilities’ Utilization
Real-time Devices Monitoring
Centralized & Remote Management
Insightful Usage Data
Energy & Cost Reduction

Put IoT solution into use for your future smart office

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