smart booking system
Smart Lighting

Automated Illumination Control Solution

Control power on/off and brightness based on human activities

Smart Lighting is a system connected to sensors and IoT controllers that enables wireless lighting control – turning on/off or adjusting brightness automatically based on human activities including passing by a corridor, or based on reservation time of rooms. 

  • Auto on/off – reduce energy, carbon footprint & cost 
  • Based on booking – lights on only around booking time  
  • Based on sensors – lights on when motions/ heat detected 
  • Light zoning – control all lighting in specific area  
  • Usage report – facilities usage rate for resources planning 

Take advantage of IoT solution for smart office

Maximized Facilities’ Utilization
Real-time Devices Monitoring
Centralized & Remote Management
Insightful Usage Data
Energy & Cost Reduction

Put IoT solution into use for your future smart office

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