Smart Booking

Multi-purpose Facilities Booking System

Reserve rooms and monitor facilities utilization rate remotely

Smart Booking is a web-based system that allows facilities reservations anywhere with internet connections. It enables administrators to check all booking status on one platform. Integration with smart access control and e-payment gateways are available. 

  • Self-service – users to reserve facilities by themselves 
  • Booking overview – oversee all facilities booking status 
  • Usage report – facilities usage rate for resources planning 
  • e-Payment – integration with popular payment gateways 
  • Access control – open reserved rooms with app/ QR codes 

Take advantage of IoT solution for smart office

Maximized Facilities’ Utilization
Real-time Devices Monitoring
Centralized & Remote Management
Insightful Usage Data
Energy & Cost Reduction

Put IoT solution into use for your future smart office

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