Smart Access 

IoT Access Control Solution 

Unlock doors by QR code or mobile app without a touch

Smart Access is a cloud-based system that operates by NineSmart IoT Controller. It can be an add-on feature to enhance existing door hardware without changing current set-up. It enables self-serve access and facilitates remote attendance management.

  • Cloud system – monitor doors by a single platform
  • Temporary visit – set & control access date/ time
  • Data encryption – ensure security & prevent leakage
  • Real-time report – check records & export reports (csv) 
  • Entry options – QR codes, mobile apps & NFC cards 
Smart Access Portable

Handheld Access Control Solution 

Mobile device as QR code scanner for check-in anywhere

Smart Access Portable is an app that turns a mobile device into a QR code scanner. It collects in/out records and syncs data to admin panel for access monitoring even without stable network or electricity supply.

  • Offline operation – data auto-sync when network available
  • Use anywhere – even outdoor without electricity supply
  • Temporary QR code – set & control access date/ time
  • Centralised platform – monitor multiple devices & entrances
  • Data encryption – ensure security & prevent leakage

Take advantage of IoT solution for smart office

Maximized Facilities’ Utilization
Real-time Devices Monitoring
Centralized & Remote Management
Insightful Usage Data
Energy & Cost Reduction

Put IoT solution into use for your future smart office

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